MediaBot video and YouTube update live in Windows 8 app store

MediaBot has been updated to support download of HTML embedded videos as well as special download support for YouTube videos.  In this update, you will now be able to add links to YouTube searches and user’s videos and playlists.

For instance, use the Windows 8 Internet Explorer to go to YouTube and perform a search.  To always get new videos, you might want to sort your search by upload date.  Then use the Windows 8 charm to share your site with MediaBot.  Once you open MediaBot a profile named will appear in the list on the left.  You should see MediaBot starting download, but since these are videos, it might take a while for any content to show up in the grid, dependent on your Internet speed.  However, when it does, this content is cached locally on your hard disk, and you will be able to play the videos directly in MediaBot, without being connected to the Internet.

MediaBot also allows you to skip ahead in the video as well as skip to next.  If you start the Slideshow from the app bar, MediaBot will continue playing through all videos.  Keyboard and mouse are also supported.  Use the arrow keys to scrub or skip ahead.  Use space or enter keys to pause, play.  Next and Previous buttons are available to be used with touch or mouse.  A simple tab or click in the middle of the screen, will toggle pause and play.

This latest update is just a first step into playing videos.  In future updates, MediaBot will refine the UI and improve our support for videos.  In the meantime, enjoy the ability to automatically download YouTube videos and watch them without ads are Flash in a nice fullscreen interface.